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    Kjellrdveien 30 Rygge 1580 No Kontaktperson: Lisbeth Smestad

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    Lisbeth Smestad

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Announcement of competition: procurement electrical / automation reserve power plant

Movar iks will build new build for spare power plant to vansj waterworks in rygge. the building must be established for reserve power generator with dieseltanking, two high voltage rooms for transformers and storage space for mobile aggregate, as well as prepared for installation of additional a reserve power generator. this construction deals with electrical / automation. building contract and reserve power generator are not included in the scope and are requested in their own requests.The upcomer wants with this competition offering on complete electrical / automation plant for reserve power built, as well as upgrading parts of existing facilities.

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Eligibility Criteria : qualification requirement and brief description of qualification requirements: the norwegian supplier shall have ordained conditions with regard to payment of tax, employment tax and the vat provider shall be registered in a corporate register, academic register or a trading register in the state provider is established. the supplier shall have sufficient financial and financial capacity to be able to perform the contract.the supplier should have experience from rehabilitation and new installation of industrial plant contract terms

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